Print Publishing 

As literary agents we serve as the medium between the authors and publishers. We represent the authors to the publishers and make sure that the author's interests are well served. An author can ill-afford to spend time chasing publishers especially because the time lag between the submission of the first query and publishing is  way too much and that too if the very first publisher approves of the manuscript. With multiple submissions the time taken goes up further. Secondly, even though publishers will themselves edit, proof-read and maybe seek changes in the manuscript, they would do so only if they find the manuscript to be worthy of their effort, For instance if someone was to find glaring mistakes in the first chapter itself, chances are that he would not read the manuscript any further. Therefore it is very important that the authors bring up their manuscript to a high standard and pitch it properly, with a compelling synopsis and chapter outline/sample chapters, to the publishers to enhance the chances of their being shortlisted for publishing.

If you choose us to represent you, we will assist you with the entire process of book publishing, starting from creating the proposal, polishing the synopsis, a critical appraisal and suggestions to improve the manuscript, editing, proof-reading and then pitching it to various publishers to get the best deal for the author.    

POD and e-book Publication

Print on Demand (POD) and e-book publishing are the fastest ways of getting published and take advantage of the advances in publishing technology. Unlike what the common perception is, there is nothing wrong with POD and e-book publishing. In fact these two methods give the author complete control over their manuscripts without any external interference. In POD books are printed on demand and these days the cost of POD books has come down exceptionally. In case of e-books once the manuscript has been converted in a required format it can be sold on websites like Amazon, eBay and many other websites which sell e-books.  In both the cases, POD and e-book, your book will never go out of print unlike the traditional publishing where the publisher can declare a book out of print as and when he decides to pull the plug.

However, you do need to keep in mind that even though you have complete control over your book in these two methods, you still need to have the manuscript in a ready to print condition. This means that your  manuscript should be final in terms of content, editing, cover design and typesetting(formatting).

Please note that there are charges involved for services like editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design, which you need to pay if you use the services. In case of e-books there will be charges for conversion of the manuscript to the required format. All the associated charges will be made known to you beforehand.


If you choose to retain our services, we will assist you with the process which will include choosing the right POD or e-Book Publisher and getting you the best rates for pre-press services like editing, cover design etc. We will also then guide you as to promotion methods for enhancing sales of your book which include social media marketing, listings, blogs, forums etc. Our charges for the services will be as follows:

for POD only       - Rs 2500/-
for e-Book only   - Rs 2500/-
for both                - Rs 4000/- (Recommended)

Please note: These are one time charges and there are no ongoing commissions after the book is published.