About Us

Varinder Taprial and Priya Kanwar are both published authors with the following books published;

1) Enemy in the Ranks - Fiction

2) A Beginner's Guide to Blogging & Making Money Online - Internet Reference

3) Search Engine Optimisation - Internet Reference

Varinder Taprial is an Electrical Engineer who retired from the Indian Navy in 2009 and Priya Kanwar is a Dentist. Both of them have left their professions for their love of writing and reading and have now embarked upon a larger role in the publishing industry; that of helping good stories and authors find their way to their readers by way of publishing.

Both of them have done extensive writing on the Internet and are aware of the latest trends in the market as well as know how to optimally use the Internet to make the entire process of publishing faster and give best value to their clients as Literary agents and Web publishing consultants .