Why Us As Literary Agents For Your Publishing Dreams

Publishers in India and the world over are spoiled for choices. The number of people writing and wanting to get published is ever increasing. With their limited resources of manpower and handling capacity there is only so much the publishers can do or want to do.

Therefore spending time on manuscripts from first time authors, without any recommendations is a difficult call to make. Literary agents fill the gap between the authors and the publishers by filtering good content from the not so good. Moreover the literary agents are aware of the current trends in the publishing industry as well as have contacts within the industry. Therefore they can help you to find the right publisher for your work. In India, there are very few independent literary agents, all the major literary agencies in India are offshoots of publishing houses and you can imagine which publisher gets the first look for your manuscript.

The process of publishing itself is very slow. Imagine having to wait for six months to get a rejection slip and that too, in these days of super fast communications with Internet, Faxes et al.

Less than five percent of manuscripts received by publishing houses get published. So your chances are 1/20 and that too over an unlimited time period. For an author the question is, how long are you going to wait. The answer to this is simple, as we see it. If one book is all you are ever going to write, then go on, hone it to the best of your skill and do not settle for anything less than the biggest publishing house paying you the biggest royalty for your manuscript. But if you are going to continue to write, then your aim should be to get published as soon as possible, simply because the market value of a published author goes up considerably.

If you want to be published, we can help you by critically reviewing your manuscript and give recommendations so as to improve your manuscript and enhance your chances of grabbing the eye of the commissioning editors at the publishing houses. The details are available on Manuscript Review page. We can also help you with editing/proof reading your manuscript, pitching it to various publishers on your behalf and getting the best deal with the right publisher.

With the advancing technologies now it is easier and faster to not only communicate but also to get published. Print on Demand and E-Book technologies are assured means of getting published and are in the process of changing the publishing industry. They are the surest and the fastest way to get published while retaining the vision of your writing efforts. Even though the traditional publishing industry will not agree, the POD books and e-books are making increasingly better sales in the market. In some cases POD authors have been approached by traditional publishers for sale of rights of their books. If you so desire, we can assist you with publishing your work as POD or as an E-Book. Read more on the Publishing page.